religion is a lie

//the definition.

how do we define "religion"?

I do, therefore I'm accepted by God.

//the people.

who are we?

We come from a variety of backgrounds. We're students, young professionals, young couples. We live in the city, the suburbs and the boonies. We have different backgrounds and experiences, but we've all come to the same conclusion: religion, as a whole, has left us wanting.

//the meaning.

why are we doing this?

Religion, by it's very nature, is so ambiguous. What does it mean? Every major religion claims exclusivity (i.e. they are the only way). So which one will save you? Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Mormonism or Christianity? And if Christianity, which denomination? Baptist, Catholic, Christian Scientist, 7th Day Adventist, Lutheran, Protestant, Presbyterian, Evangelical, Methodist and the like? Which one ultimately answers the question of an afterlife and why? Do we need man or church to reach God? Can other beliefs, like secular humanism, consumerism, or environmentalism be considered religions? Is religion about the eternal and a deity or is it about finding purpose and meaning in something. Does truth reside in us or outside of us? And if we can simply cherry pick pieces of each, everyone believing what's right for them, then what's the point?

These are the questions we are trying to address. Nothing is more important than what you decide to believe or not believe about God. Every civilization throughout the history of mankind has believed in or worshipped some sort of god. So who are we? Why are we here? And where are we going?

//the beliefs.

what do we believe?

There are really 4 basic things we want in this life: to be loved unconditionally, to have significance and meaning, to be forgiven for what we've done and to know that something better than this tragic world is waiting for us after we die. With all our backgrounds and religious upbringings, we've only found those specific things in the person of Jesus Christ and we want a relationship with him. You can deny his deity, you can deny his life, but you cannot deny his significance on history, world religions, and even how we record time (B.C./A.D.). No other name is at once more divisive than that of Jesus Christ (Islam, Judaism and Christianity all have very strong feelings towards or against him, but they all believe he lived).

This is our desire: To live a simple life, follow a simple truth and embrace a simple faith.

Jeff grew up Lutheran

Gretchen grew up Methodist

Emily grew up Catholic